PiXiu Feng Shui Black Obsidian Bracelet With Hand Carved Mantra. Unisex 12mm

This is a Pi Xiu good luck bracelet. Also known as Pi Yao. It has the mantra hand carved on each bead in a gold-plated alloy. PiXiu is a Chinese dragon that can bring good fortune and wealth to the person wearing this bracelet.
Pi Xiu is deeply popular in Chinese culture; it is known for washing away your inner nerves & bring good luck. It will help you spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and physically. If you're looking for wealth, health, and prosperity, look no further!
Pi Xiu is also known for its incredible energy. Major bank executives & successful entrepreneurs all believe in the power of Pi Xiu. It is not only a guardian, but it also can bring in an abundant source of wealth!
More importantly, this creature does not allow wealth to leave home or the workplace. So you can rest a sure you're protected while wearing this bracelet.
Obsidian is a natural glaze formed after the magma flowing out of volcanic lava suddenly cools. It is an amorphous gemstone. Obsidian can be used as amulets because obsidian is one of the seven treasures of Buddhism. It is a kind of spiritual gem. In addition, obsidian can nourish the body and relieve mental stress. Obsidian is the ultimate protection and prevention of negative sources. It will strongly protect you against negative elements in life. It can prevent mental attacks and absorb negative energy in the environment.
This Sanskrit mantra honors Ganesh — Ganesh embodies wisdom and new beginnings and is the remover of all bad obstacles.