9mm Buddha Vajra Bodhi Rudraksha Bracelet

All Natural Handmade Original Vajra Bodhi Rudraksha Bead Bracelet for Yoga, Prayer, Meditation, Rosary, and Prays for Healing.

This is a beautiful handmade 9mm Buddha Vajra Bodhi Rudraksha bracelet, and it helps in removing all types of obstacles from the life of its wearer. It ensures all-around success. The malefic effects of Rahu are cured by this bead and, therefore, helpful in its mysterious power and will protect you from evil spirits as per ancient Vedic texts. It is said to be helpful in curing bad dreams, stress, and anxiety as it protects the wearer and also brings wealth, health, and prosperity into your life. Great for Yoga, Meditation & other religions.
May the power of the universe be with you when wearing this bracelet!