Wire Wrapped Matrix Opal Pendant

This is a beautiful handmade wrapped Matrix Opal by Noelani Sanes.

The stone has been cut, polished & wrapped with metal all by hand.

What Is Matrix Opal:

Matrix opal is a gem material in which precious opal (or play-of-color opal) is intimately distributed through its host rock. The precious opal can occur as a "cement" between sediment grains, as replacements of host material, or as infillings of tiny vesicles. This intimate mixture makes a gem material that looks like the host rock, but with patches of precious opal flashing within. When a piece of properly cut and polished matrix opal is turned under a light source, the viewer can see a play-of-color flashing from the stone. Movement of the viewer's head or movement of the light source can also ignite a colorful display.