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Attract good fortune and wealth today with this limited edition Feng Shui Pixiu Wealth Ring. This fully-adjustable ring is crafted to perfection to help its wearer get the full benefits of Pixiu.

Pixiu - Chinese Celestial Animal of Wealth 

Pixiu is a Chinese celestial animal that has the head of a Dragon, the body of a horse, the foot of a Qilin, and a horn of a deer. According to ancient Chinese mythology, the Pixiu only eats gold, silver, and other treasures. When the Jade Emperor decided to seal its anus, all the treasures that the Pixiu had eaten accumulated in its belly - never to come out again.

Pixiu is a symbol of money, wealth, gold, and silver. Wearing the Pixiu allows the wearer to accumulate massive amounts of wealth and gold - which is why it is a popular figure for attracting money.

How does Pixiu play a role in Feng Shui Application?

  1. It is believed that once you possess a Pixiu, it will help you to attract and accumulate wealth, and that is the reason why it is the most popular Feng Shui enhancer.
  2. Pixiu also has the power to protect the master from calamity and dangers.
  3. If placed in the home, it helps to subdue any evil and serves as a protecting guardian to safeguard the house and occupants.
  4. It is also known that it has the ability to attract both primary income luck and windfall luck.
  5. Another magical effect of Pixiu is that it can drive away from the undesired romance and prevent the master from unnecessary harassment or family dispute once displayed on the desk.


  • Made from Alloy
  • Pixiu size: 20mm
  • Weight: 16g
  • Adjustable sizes: 

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Thai Mythical Pixiu Ring

Bring wealth to your whole family. Get one for yourself or your friends/family. 


VERY LIMITED STOCK! We sell out often. Consider buying two or more.

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